Why Install TMN Screens?

Elevators are the vital commuting method for tenants in high buildings. At the same time, elevators limit activities of a high number of frequent traffic causing a substantial idle period. By installing TMN screens in both elevator cars and elevator lobbies, buildings would be able to entertain its commuting tenants and provide value adding information.


Using high-quality screens that enliven the elevator ride experience while still preserving the building’s aesthetics, TMN elevates the tenants’ journey. Our screens are filled with informative and up-to-date contents that enhance the lifestyle of each tenant.


Vertical Design

Cutting-edge Screens

Digital screens with cutting-edge features, raising the various information. Further upgrading tenants’ lifestyle to the next level of comfort.

Digital Upgrade to Environment

TMN's dedicated team will ensure the
best placement which in return way
elevate your building's style.


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